EyeglassesThe Nashua Optical Company is a full-service eyeglass dispensary and finishing laboratory. Optical shops are conveniently located in each of the Nashua Eye offices: Nashua, Hudson, and Milford. The staff includes seventeen nationally certified, state-registered opticians, each prepared to help patients select the lenses and frames that most meet the patient’s needs. Nashua Eye Associates believes that to maximize your vision and quality of life, service does not end in the exam room. The optical shop can help solve difficult visual problems including computer use eye strain, night driving difficulty, and sun glare.

The Nashua Optical Company optimizes vision by using the most important new technology in lenses and coatings. Digitally designed progressive lenses allow for truly high definition vision. Traditional progressive lenses were created by grinding a patient’s prescription-strength onto a generic, one-size-fits-all lens. Digitally designed lenses are made by sophisticated software that uses data such as the frame size and shape and an individual’s facial anatomy, as well as the prescription strength, to enhance the quality of vision. Advanced lens finishing and polishing techniques further improve clarity and comfort.

In addition to customizing lenses for high definition vision, The Nashua Optical Company offers lenses that are extremely easy to clean and maintain. Superior new technology allows for lenses that are highly scratch resistant and repellent to smudges, fingerprints, water, and dust. These lenses allow for an optimized vision that lasts longer than traditional glasses.

Congratulations to Denyse Gauthier, Department Head of The Nashua Optical Company on being honored as the State Leader of the Year from the Opticians Association of America.

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