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All About Cataract Surgery in Nashua

Everything you need to know about cataract surgery in Nashua...

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ICL Frequently Asked Questions

Introducing the ICL procedure for spectacle independence....

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Welcome Dr. North, Oculoplastic specialist

Victoria North, MD specializes in disorders of the eyelid, tear drain, and eye socket...

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Autologous Serum Tears for Severe Dry Eye

A treatment for advanced dry eye disease at Nashua Eye...

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All-Laser LASIK is safe, effective, and extremely precise. The technology, developed in 2001, allows for the entire LASIK procedure to be completed by laser, eliminating the blade from the treatment. Nashua Eye uses the Intralase laser.

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Our dedicated contact lens department offers the latest technology in wearable lenses.

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Our optical shop offers a huge variety of frames, lenses and glasses for every taste and budget.

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The ophthalmologists of Nashua Eye are well-versed in all of the various symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome as well as treatment options for every case. Call us today for an evaluation of your dry eye condition.

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New Hampshire's Leading LASIK and Cataracts Specialists

Nashua Eye Associates, P.A., founded in 1979, is a full service eye care practice whose goal is to deliver superior care for the entire family in convenient New Hampshire locations. Nashua Eye Associates provides services for most all insurance beneficiaries, including EyeMed and VSP. The Nashua Optical Company offers a large selection of high quality glasses, eyewear, and contact lenses. Nashua Eye Surgery Center is a fully accredited, out-patient facility dedicated to eye surgery.

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LASIK LASIK eye surgery is the world's most common vision correction surgery, offering safety during the procedure and a high rate of success. Find out if LASIK surgery here at Nashua Eye Associates in southern New Hampshire is right for you. Learn More About LASIK EYE EXAMS Routine Eye Exams are an important part of maintaining healthy eyes. Nashua Eye offers comprehensive eye exams in convenient locations Learn More About Eye Exams CATARACTS A cataract is a clouding of the eye's natural lens. Cataract surgery at New Hampshire's Nashua Eye Surgery Center is extremely advanced, and can be a very easy experience for our patients. Learn More About Cataracts GLAUCOMA Glaucoma is one of the most common reasons for vision loss in the world and occurs when the eye's interior ocular pressure gets too high. Nashua Eye offers a full range of treatment options. Learn More About Glaucoma OCULOPLASTICS Whether it's reconstructive facial surgery or cosmetic procedures, Nashua Eye offers a wide variety of oculofacial services. Learn More About Oculoplastics DRY EYES Dry eye is a common affliction that affects the eye's natural ability to create tears. The eyecare experts at Nashua Eye have a wide variety of Dry Eye treatment options. Learn More About Dry Eye CORNEA The cornea is the crystal clear tissue which bends light to a sharp focus point and protects the structures inside of your eye. Nashua Eye Associates offers a full range of consultation and treatment options for diseases of the cornea and external ocular surface. Learn More About Cornea ICL An implantable contact lens (ICL) is a lens placed in the eye to correct nearsightedness or astigmatism. Learn More About ICL MACULAR
The macula is the critical part of the retina which is responsible for central vision and includes many important functions of our vision. Nashua Eye offers the services of retina specialists who are trained and experienced in the latest macular degeneration treatments. Learn More About Macular Degeneration
FINANCING Financing is available at Nashua Eye through CareCredit. CareCredit is an established third party financing solution. It offers financing options with low interest, low monthly payments, and no annual fees. Zero percent interest options are available. CareCredit financing maybe used for many services at Nashua Eye including the optical shop, laser vision correction, and even the high deductible insurance costs of medical services. Financing
LASIK is a very common, successful vision correction procedure - but it's not for everyone. If you're interested in having LASIK laser vision correction surgery in New Hampshire, take our built-in self test to determine if you are a candidate. Take Our Self-Test


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The Contact Lens Department at Nashua Eye consists of five certified optometrists and a dedicated staff to offer patients the best technology in contact lenses. Contact lens fittings are sophisticated exams which allow the doctor to maximize a patient’s vision, safety, and comfort; as well as account for an individual’s lifestyle and specific visual tasks. Wear Contacts?
Digitally designed lenses are made by sophisticated software that use data such as the frame size and shape and an individual’s facial anatomy, as well as the prescription strength, to enhance quality of vision. Advanced lens finishing and polishing techniques further improve clarity and comfort. Want HD Glasses?


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