Lipiflow is a dry eye therapy that treats one of the most important underlying reasons for dry eye: the Meibomian glands. The Meibomian glands lay along the upper and lower eyelids and their oily secretions are the coating of the tear film. Without a healthy oily layer of the tear film, tears evaporate faster and the eyes are dry and inflamed.

Lipiflow works by using heat and mechanical pulses to express the Meibomian glands. In a unique and revolutionary way, heat is applied to the underside of the eyelids where is best reaches the glands. The glands are heated to the point where the congealed oils are liquefied. The mechanical, pulsating action of Lipiflow then expels the lipids from the glands. Old, inflamed congealed lipids are in turn replaced by the Meibomian glands with new, less viscous, healthy secretion.

Nashua Eye Associates is the first in New Hampshire to acquire Lipiflow technology for our patients throughout the greater Nashua and New Hampshire areas. Patients with dry eye symptoms may have their Meibomian glands evaluated using the Lipiview system. This diagnostic modality images the glands to help quantify the extent unhealthy glands may be contributing to dry eye. The Lipiview system also quantifies the thickness of the oily layer of the tear film, a patient’s blink rate, and the quality of the lid’s blinking action.

Lipiflow treatment takes approximately 20 minutes. The eye is numb and the applicator is placed on each eye individually. The treatment feels warm but is not painful. Reduced dry eye symptoms are appreciated days or weeks after treatment and may last many months.

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TearScience - The Meibomian Glands and LipiFlow

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