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New Lumenis IPL for Dry Eye

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

IPL, intense pulsed light, is dry eye therapy with well documented benefits.  Nashua Eye was the first in the region to acquire IPL technology in 2014 with DermaMed IPL.  Dry eye patients, particularly those with dry eye related to ocular rosacea, or unhealthy oil glands along the edge the eye lid, have had wonderful symptomatic and visual improvements.  The technology has advanced in a couple of important ways since 2014.  Lumenis IPL embodies these advancements.  The Lumenis treatment has a colder applicator for patient comfort.  Patients do not experience the heat, that in some cases could be uncomfortable, that they did with the DermaMed.  The treatment can be applied faster for patient convenience and comfort.  Lastly, the energy settings can be titrated to more precisely treat a patient's specific skin type and disease severity. Nashua acquired the Lumenis machine in June, 2016.  The results to date support what larger studies show.  The Lumenis IPL is superior for patient comfort, ease of treatment, and effectiveness in reducing dry eye symptoms.   


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