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Take Our LASIK Self-Test All-Laser LASIK is safe, effective, and extremely precise. The technology, developed in 2001, allows for the entire LASIK procedure to be completed by laser, eliminating the blade from the treatment.

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In All-Laser LASIK, a laser is first used to create a corneal flap, allowing access for a second laser to reshape the central layer of the cornea. The first laser sometimes referred to as a femtosecond laser, has been a critical step in the evolution of refractive surgery. Nashua Eye surgeons use a femtosecond laser called the Intralase laser. The Intralase creates a corneal flap that is remarkably precise in thickness and shape. Before femtosecond lasers, surgeons were dependent on a “microkeratome”, or automated oscillating blade, to create the corneal flap. For our patients in the Nashua area, our All-Laser LASIK is an integral part of our LASIK procedure.

LASIK Eye Surgery

All-Laser LASIK has many advantages. The precision of the femtosecond laser allows the surgeon to confidently create a safe, thin corneal flap. Studies show that precise flaps minimize trace amounts of cornea distortion, allowing for the excellent quality of vision. Thinner flaps allow patients who were born with thin corneas or large prescriptions to benefit from LASIK. Finally, clinical studies show that patients have fewer dry eye symptoms as the eye is healing from thin flap All-Laser LASIK.

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LASIK: All-Laser - During the Procedure
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