Pediatric OphthalmologyNashua Eye Associates proudly offers the services of pediatric ophthalmologists and adult strabismus specialists Dr. Vicki Chen and Dr. Catherine Choi.  Both Dr. Chen and Dr. Choi have fellowship training in medical and surgical eye disorders that specifically affect children. Dr. Chen and Dr. Choi take time from Tufts New England Eye Center where they are both on staff to see patients in Nashua one day a week.

Childhood eye disorders can have lasting eyesight impact into adulthood. For example, misalignment of the eyes, or “strabismus”, is where an eye may turn in or out. Strabismus may benefit from treatment by glasses or surgery. If left untreated, strabismus may result in a lazy eye, or “amblyopia”, a common adult reason for blurry vision. Other common childhood ocular disorders are nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, eyelid lesions, and blocked tear drain.

Adults, like children, sometimes have strabismus. Pediatric ophthalmologists are considered the best specialists to examine and treat adults with misalignment of the eyes because of their extensive experience with the disorder in children.

Nashua Eye is delighted to provide the services of both Dr. Chen and Dr. Choi. As pediatric ophthalmologists, their specialty medical and surgical skills are in high demand, as most pediatric specialists see patients only in a large city or university setting. Dr. Chen and Dr. Choi conveniently operate at local Nashua hospitals.

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