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NEA Expands Retina Specialist Services

Thursday, August 17, 2017

The retina specialists at Nashua Eye have moved upstairs with a new, innovative, dedicated retina suite.  The location continues to be Nashua Eye's main office on Coliseum Avenue.  However, services will now be provided in a specialized space on the second floor.  Retina can be accessed by the main elavator from the Nashua Eye Coliseum lobby.  
The new space boasts a larger, more comfortable waiting room, more exam rooms, as well as new diagnostic and treatment modalities.  Dr. Marx and Dr. Barouch will continue to see retina patients.  The demand for retina services continues to increase with an aging population and a broader array of effective treatments for eye disease including macular degeneration, diabetic retina disease, and retina detachment.  
In addition to the new space, Nashua Eye will be serving the eye care needs of southern new hampshire with the services of retina specialist Dr. Peter Coombs.  Dr. Coombs comes to Nashua Eye with speciality retina training from the New York Weill Cornell Medical Center.  He will begin to see patients in September, 2017.  
With a new, state of the art, dedicated retina suite, as well as the additional services of retina specialist Dr. Coombs, Nashua Eye will continue to provide the highest quality eye care in a convenient location.

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